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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the designs safe in all weather conditions:

The frames are made from aluminium- this does not rust or decay. The lights are also waterproof and will give you trouble free service for years. The transformers however must be kept out of the weather but not enclosed in plastic containers etc, as they generate heat & rely on the outside temp to keep them operating correctly.

What is the best way to attach the frames to my house?

The frames can be zip tied using electrical ties to either wire strung between 2 points or onto nails into wood or concrete nails into brick work etc.

What about spare bulbs, how do I know which bulb needs to be replaced?

Spare bulbs come with each box of lights from Santa’s workshop. If a bulb is blown it will knock out a string of 15 bulbs, pull out bulbs systematically and test them on a bulb tester or replace with a new bulb and you will find the faulty bulb and the whole string will light up again.

Is it possible to get a one off type of design one that is not in the brochure?

Santa’s Workshop will endeavour to make up a design to suit your requirements.

Will a big lights display add a lot to my electricity bill?

That would depend on the size of your display and the type of lights you have, our Mega display cost us about $120 extra for a whole month.

What is the best method of storing the designs when the display is taken down for the year?

The frames are easily stored on hooks or tied to the wall of the garage or storage shed make sure there are no rats etc which can damage the wiring.

Will I need to spend a lot of time and money to have a worthwhile display?

Creativity is the key a simple display featuring some rope lights around a theme such as the nativity scene or amusing theme with pixies & elves etc need not cost a great deal and yet be a real eye catcher for the whole street to see.